Fiery offers a wide range of character classes and abilities, all of which originate from five basic classes. Each of the basic classes have extraordinary growth potential throughout gameplay. As you begin your journey, you are limited to only these five classes. As you play and experience new areas and levels, you are faced with a decision to either specialize in a subclass, or retain your original class. If you choose to specialize, your abilities and powers will expand accordingly, leading the way to very powerful characters.

However, you may wish to remain a basic class. A basic class is not empty by far, and though it has no advantages that some of the subclasses offer, it also has no disabilities or drawbacks. Once you choose a subclass you can not look back. You can not combine subclasses; you can only choose one. And when you do choose, your current skills/spells may change to reflect your choice. If you choose to become a Cryomancer, you will cast down the spells of a basic sorcerer to embrace the art of Cryomancing. These subclasses are obtained, if you so choose, by first becoming the proper level. The proper level is found within the game. The actual choice will be made by finding the(a) master of the sub class to teach you. The Master may ask you to prove your worthiness of the class. Think hard on your choice.


Warriors are skilled in many areas of combat, but excel in none and have no special bonuses. Some Warriors have been known to forget specializing in any one area of their craft and after learning all they can, go on to learn an entirely different profession.

The warrior class encompasses the class of heroes who make their way through the world by their mastery of martial training. Commonly referred to as "meat shields", their clever knowledge of combat tactics, weapon selection and armor maximization make them the natural leaders. While fighters cannot cast magical spells, they can use many magical items found throughout the realms.

Paladin Subclass

Paladins are defenders of the weak and upholders of the faith. They are an elite group of warriors that have made alliances to the divine powers of good and are granted special abilities from that alliance. Paladins are able to detect the presence of evil in the world around them and are also granted a degree of protection from it. Paladins have been known to heal merely by touch, and are very quick to rescue those in trouble. Paladins are rarely seen without their mounts, which they have an uncanny relationship with, often preferring the company of such a mount to that of others. Paladins value Order and Virtue, and strive to make the world a place free of evil, chaos, and destruction.

Primary Attributes:Strength, Constitution, Wisdom
Allowed Races:Human

Anti-paladin Subclass

Anti-paladins are the essence of evil embodied. These unholy warriors have made dark pacts with the forces of Chaos and Destruction, which give them special powers. Anti-paladins seek the complete annihilation of good, and revel in pain, chaos, and destruction. They have been known to be able to harm with a simple touch, and fight with incredible bloodlust. They are often seen riding jet black unearthly mounts that resemble horses. Anti-paladins are granted the ability to sense good in the world around them and are granted a degree of protection from it.

Primary Attributes:Strength, Constitution, Wisdom
Allowed Races:Human, Orc

Ranger Subclass

Rangers, like Paladins, are warriors of Virtue, but seek the preservation of nature. They are good warriors opposed to the forces of destruction and evil. Rangers must stay in good graces with nature, and if they fall into the ranks of evil, will lose all powers granted them from nature. Rangers have a relationship with animals that compares to their relationship with people, and are able to make friends in the animal kingdom easier than they do with other people. Rangers are able to move about outdoors with incredible stealth, and are able to detect the passage of any being through any area.

Primary Attributes:Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence
Allowed Races:Human, Half-elf

Monk Subclass

Monks are warriors that have learned to harness their inner powers to manipulate their own abilities. Monks keep pretty much to themselves, practicing their combat routines and meditating. They keep a neutral outlook on the world around them, and generally don't get involved in wars, politics, or other people's plans toward earthly gains. Monks instead use their abilities to influence the world to increase harmony and balance. They view the forces of good in a much better light than those of evil, however, due to evil's blatant disregard for life and harmony. Monks will always be more than happy to free an enemy from their earthly form and free them from their karmic mistakes.

Primary Attributes:Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom
Allowed Races:Human, Half-elf


Clerics are people of faith, believing in a higher source, and pondering the great questions of the universe. They pray to the powers that be to grant certain favors, and because of their faith are granted the desired results. Some Clerics have been known to forget specializing and after learning all they can go on to learn an entirely different profession.

Priest Subclass

Priests are clerics who have taken to the path of a good aligned deity. They are able to heal the wounded and cure the afflicted. They seek preservation and order, and have within their arsenal some of the most potent spells against evil, chaos and destruction. Even the most powerful mages of the realms are incapable of performing the awesome miracles of a priest.

Primary Attributes:Wisdom, Charisma
Allowed Races:Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling

Diabolist Subclass

Diabolists are clerics that have followed the dark paths to the heart of chaos. Their allegiance with the great powers of evil gives them powers to summon demons and cause other great effects of chaos and destruction. It has been said that the greatest Diabolists resemble the demons that have charge over. It is also said to never trust the word of a Diabolist, for they see life itself as a disease to be cut from the very fabric of existence and will always turn on you. Diabolists seek only to plunge the world into chaos, and undo the creation of all good things.

Primary Attributes:Wisdom, Intelligence
Allowed Races:Human, Gnome, Duergar, Orc

Druid Subclass

Druids are clerics that have taken to the forces of nature as their source of power. Nature has an incredible influence over all things in the world, and Druids are able to utilize that influence. Druids tend not to tangle in the ways of good or evil, but live solitary lives in their forest homes. Druids often cooperate with Rangers to the ends of preserving nature, but do not follow them on their biased path. Druids are benevolent, and seek to aid all living things, and will leave well enough alone as long as their forests aren't harmed. However, harming the realm of a Druid can cause the realm itself to raise up against you and will surely be your demise.

Primary Attributes:Wisdom, Charisma
Allowed Races:Human, Half-elf


Sorcerers are dabblers in the arcane realms. They reach into various aspects of magic taking and leaving knowledge as they see fit, painting a broad palette of spells for their personal use. Some Sorcerers have been known to forget specializing and after learning all they can go on to learn an entirely different profession.

Pyromancer Subclass

Pyromancers are mages that have melded the essence of fire with their own powers, giving them incredible influence over the prime element of fire. The element of fire is mainly associated with transmutation, and these mages are more than willing to transform any transgressor into a pile of ash. Pyromancers have been known to summon great beings of living flame to do their bidding, and also are seen as the ambassadors to the material plane from the plane of fire. Pyromancers do not have any problems with any other elementalists, but harbor no love for water elementalists.

Primary Attributes:Intelligence
Allowed Races:Human, Gnome, Orc, Half-elf, Halfling

Cryomancer Subclass

Cryomancers are mages that have melded the essence of water with their own powers, giving them incredible influence over the primal element of water. The element of water is mainly associated with emotions and transformation. These mages use water in its frozen aspect to shred any who oppose them. From turning the ground beneath their foes to ice, mud, or even a flood up to encasing them in solid ice, a cryomancer is surely not one to mess with. Cryomancers have been seen walking upon the surface of water as well as walking beneath it with no want of air. They are seen as ambassadors to the material plane from the plane of water, and have no problems with any other elementalists, but harbor no love for fire elementalists.

Primary Attributes:Intelligence
Allowed Races:Human, Gnome, Orc, Half-elf, Halfling

Necromancer Subclass

Necromancers are mages that have concentrated on the magical aspects of death. They have the ability to slow down the process of decay in corpses, then creating undead horrors from them. This makes the necromancer a very worthy adversary, being able to take the corpses of his foes and compelling them into his service. Great Necromancers have been known to rip the very life essence from the bodies of their victims and cannibalize it to increase their own power.

Primary Attributes:Intelligence
Allowed Races:Human, Orc


Rogues are miscreants of all types: burglers, beggars, and pickpockets. Rogues make their living off those that make a living. Not above killing, or being selfish, some rogues find this path to be all they need. Some rogues have been known to forget specializing and after they have learned all they can go on to learn en entirely different profession.

Assassin Subclass

Assassins are trained killers, and while they may not be the strongest or toughest of adversaries, their knowledge of anatomy, weapons, and poisons makes them a feared hand of death in the realms. Assassins are generally evil, killing for their own gains, but some are even neutral and do it only for the work, taking no special pleasure in death itself. The stealth of a trained assassin can make them seem to have faded from reality completely, yet reappear behind you with daggers in hand, and all without an ounce of magic. Assassins are known to be outlawed from entering good aligned or lawful towns, villages, and enclaves.

Primary Attributes:Dexterity
Allowed Races:Human, Duergar, Orc

Thief Subclass

Thieves are rogues who take special delight in relieving others of their precious belongings. Caring nothing for hard earned rewards, they take what they want when they want it. Having no real sense of morals, Thieves will resort to dirty tricks of all kinds when cornered in combat, and know where to stick their foes to do the most damage. It is a well known fact that a Thief will not hesitate to kill to get what they want, so often just giving it up can save you a lot of trouble, as well as your life.

Primary Attributes:Dexterity
Allowed Races:Human, Dwarf, Duergar, Orc, Halfling

Mercenary Subclass

Mercenaries are blades for hire. They are a ruthless bunch that do nothing without a price. Physically stronger and tougher than most Rogues, Mercenaries enjoy many of the abilities of Rogues with added combat skills like a warrior. Often working as bounty hunters, they will capture and claim rewards. Even if their bounty is wanted for more alive, don't think they will hesitate to cut a throat to make things easier.

Primary Attributes:Strength, Constitution, Dexterity
Allowed Races:Human, Dwarf, Troll, Duergar, Ogre, Orc, Barbarian