Keepers of the Future
Name:  Keepers of the Future  (KoF)
Purpose:  To fortify and protect their our own, to aid those not fortunate enough to possess the strength and experience of its members, and to join our powers to become incredibly diverse and strong.
KoF Leadership Cast - The Founders
Leader:  ( Keeper of Reality ) Unknown
Second in Command:  ( Keeper of Hope )Unknown
Keeper of MagicksUnknown
Keeper of the FaithUnknown
Keeper of the StillUnknown
Membership Ranks and Level Requirements
Keeper of the Future - ** Keeper of the Present - 85+
Keeper of the Past - 70+ Keeper of the Clock - 55+
Keeper of the Goals - 40+ Keepers - 30+
Advisors:  The membership cast will elect 1 advisor, with voting in Guild meetings privileges, per four guild members.
Alignment Restrictions:  No evils.  Any neutral class is welcome, any good class is welcome.
Class Restrictions:  No innately evil classes, so unfortunately anti-paladin, diabolist and necromancer are excluded.
Requirements:  Level 30, all other restrictions must be met.
Guild Rules
  • Keep arrogance out of the Guild.
  • Play your part, act as your class and race should act reasonably.
  • Any means to an end is acceptable, if it does not harm the Guild or violate your class requirements.
  • Guild business is to remain Guild business, no outside discussion of any meetings or other Guild information, plans, or vision.
  • No act against another member of the Guild will be tolerated, period.
  • Aid your fellow Guild members on request.
  • Any guild member who voluntarily renounces his or her guild membership must return all Guild-given items and equipment, and possibly face losing any special skills or spells attained while a member.
  • Failure to abide by these rules will be examined and ruled on, on a case by case basis.
  1. Active members must play at least 2 hours per week, or 7 hours per month. Failure to play the required about of time, as your Guild character (not alternates), and you will find yourself removed from the clan.  Allowances can be made based on a case to case basis, with notification of the leading members.
  2. Participation in Guild quests or missions, if requested, is required within reason.
  3. Entrance fees are 50 platinum pieces.  Monthly dues of 5 platinum per month until level 50, then 10 platinum per month shall be collected, and at other times funds will be requested in order to enhance the Guild.
  4. Conflicts with other guilds will be handled within a meeting structure, and decided by the voting cast.
  5. Voting will occur for all major decisions, or when specially requested.  Most votes will be decided by simple a majority, while others may require a 2/3 decision.  Tie breaking is at the founder's decision. Expulsion and acceptance of new members can be made with a 3/5 decision of the top 5 ranks.
  6. There shall be a once monthly meeting of the leadership, minimum.
  7. Inner guild power leveling is also to be avoided.  Guild given EQ must be approved by 2 of the leadership cast for lower level members.
Helping newbie mages learn the spell system and their spell books, clerics the spells, and all classes their skills is strongly encouraged.  If you are mean, discourteous or outright harmful to a newbie, the leadership cast will review your conduct and act accordingly.
Keepers of the Future - The Formation