The Clandestine Degree

Purpose: To maintain the balance of the world, and uphold the traditions of the Clandestine. Also to give those who are amoral the chance for power and/or vengeance.


Leadership Council, the Founders

the Esoteric Paradox Chief of Cabalism Yahron Saberclaw

the Cryptic Oracle Beholder of Phylactery Kendris Thonarsti

the Mystic Horseman Captain of the Force Karde DeArmas

the Mysterious Charms Keeper Zeran

the Apocalyptic Prophet Warden of Ascetism Drelia

Exalted Members (Advisors): Advisors are elected based on performance and demeanor.

Deferent Constable

Avaricious Slayer

Illicit Observer

Other Ranks and class restrictions for each

Cabalistic Artist Monk, Diabolist

Clairvoyant Hazard Necromancer

Obfuscatory Soldier Warrior, Anti-Paladin, Cleric, Mercenary

Phylacteric Wizard Sorcerer, Cryomancer, Pyromancer

Furtive Hunter Druid, Assassin, Thief, Rogue


Membership Requirements

Alignment Restrictions: No good aligned characters. Neutrality is agreeable.

Class Restrictions: No intrinsically good classes, as their goodness would contaminate the atmosphere of the Degree.

Level Requirements: Level 50.

Knowledge Test: All joining members will be required to pass a written test on the workings and design of Fiery.

Intelligence Quest: New members enlisting in the Degree may be required to undergo a quest, decided upon by the Council.

Clan Rules

Act as one of your class, race, and level should act. Role play.

Any means to an end is acceptable, if it does not harm the Guild or violate your class requirements.

Clan affairs are to remain the business of the Clan. Unless it is specifically specified, no discussion of Clan information or plans may occur outside of the Clan members.

No assault against another Clan member will be admissible.

Aid your fellow Degree members on request.

Voluntarily resignation must be accompanied by the return all Clan items and likely any other commodity or powers received during membership.

Neglect to follow any Clan rules will be consequence in examination of the member in question by the Founding Council.


1. Active Degree members are obliged to be in the world of Fiery at least five hours per two weeks. Failure to play the stipulated amount of time will result in reprimand or demotion. Exceptions may be made, with prior acknowledgment by one of the Founders.

2. Participation in Clan quests and missions, if implored, is requisite within reason.

  1. The entrance fee for a member joining after the formation is 100 platinum coins. Monthly dues of 15 platinum per month should be deposited, with requests for extra contribution at times when increased funds are needed.

4. Conflicts with other clans and guilds must be managed by a voting of the members in a civilized environment. Failure to conform to refined conduct will bring negative repercussions.

5. Voting shall be the determinant in any and all significant decisions. Simple majority will decide voting, with the exception of certain circumstances where a 2/3 decision may be required. Expulsion, acceptance, demotion, and promotion of members must be made by a 3/5 decision of the Founding Council.

6. Once a month the Council shall meet and at least once a quarter the entire Degree must gather for meeting.

7. Power leveling of intraclan players is to be avoided as much as possible.

  1. Assisting newbies with subclassing is to be strongly encouraged. Explanations of the workings of Fiery should be given freely.
  2. Infractions against the Degree will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but depending on the depravity of the crime, the consequences may range from a simple suspension to a mission to reprove loyalty to full-scale involuntary expulsion.

Advancement and Retrogression

  1. Members of the Degree can be promoted to the Advisor ranks through display of strength, knowledge, demeanor, and acts of performance. Specifically, elevation to the rank of Deferent Constable would require the exhibition of leadership qualities as well as exceptional well role-playing abilities. The rank of Illicit Observer would demand knowledge of many aspects of Fiery as well as its players. Attaining Avaricious Slayer involves showing several feats of potency or resourcefulness, including the slaying of a great monster of the Councilís choice. Promotion to these higher ranks requires a majority vote from the Founders, however if someone already holds one of these positions, the prospective replacement must be voted in with a 4/5 of the Council.
  2. Demotion of those in the three higher ranks requires a 4/5 vote from the Council, or a petition from three out of every four Clan members requesting the demotion.
  3. Demotion of a Council member may occur in the event that a critical misdeed is done against the Degree, and must be a 3/5 Council vote against the offender.
  4. Expulsion of a member is a last resort against an offender of the Degree, and can be achieved by a 4/5 vote from the Council or a 5/8 vote from the higher ranks.