Player Races of FieryMud


Ne'er seen one before eh? Try using a mirror ya bloody oaf! The most predominant race by far, they are crafty and cunning, as they are greedy and unwittingly bent on self destruction. Many of the more "older" or longer living races often view them as foolish children, with their petty squabbles. Well-rounded for any class or occupation are they, and humans can be found throughout the known world as merchants, traders, soldiers, and pilgrims, and oftentimes in tribal cultures, as well as holding various social ranks in larger cities. They hold better overall ability scores than other races.


Belonging to the primitive culture, they possess rudimentary skills and simple manufacturing techniques. They excel in brute combat and fight with uncanny vigor and frenzy, moreso towards unfamiliar spellcasters alike. Barbarians are also adept at surprising opponents have an exceptional endurance for even the most extreme of conditions.


Appearing to be emaciated, nasty-looking dwarves, the duergar's complexion and hair range from medium to dark gray. Their preferred drab clothing, designed to blend into their subterranean environment, and dull-colored jewelry completes the ensemble. Years of underground dwelling have left them somewhat hindered by the blinding rays of the sun, though unaffected by minimal or normal lighting.


Cousin to the dwarves, they resemble them as small, thin, and nimble kin. Noticeably though, Gnomes tend to keep their beards shorter and stylishly-trimmed and they take pride in their enormous noses (often twice the size of any normal human or dwarf's). their skin is usually a dark tan to woody brown, often with hints of gray, startling to pale-blue eyes and sandy-pale hair. Millennia of underground dwelling have given them excellent vision in the dark and their keen intelligence make them a cunning adversary.


Being of human stock, half-elves have features and benefits of both their human and elven parents. Their height usually ranges higher and heavier than common elves, growing as tall as 5½ feet and weighing up to 150 pounds. Prejudice plays an influential role to half-elves, as they are often seen as "half breeds" and outcasts from elven society.


Similar to humans though diminutive in size, halflings average about 3 feet in height, with ruddy complexions, sandy to dark brown hair, and blue or hazel eyes. Commonly, their attire is often colorful but serviceable, with a liking towards stylish caps and tunics.

Mountain Dwarf

The most noble race of demihumans, they dwell deep inside the earth, forging great cities and waging massive wars against the forces of chaos and evil. Dwarves have much in common with the rock and gems they love to work—both hard and unyielding, they are renowned for their sturdy constitution and bullish stubbornness as much as their long beards and mustaches. Commonly stocky and muscular, they range from about four to four-and-a-half feet in size. Their skin is typically tan to a light brown, and they have ruddy cheeks and bright eyes.


Big, dumb, and ugly. These greedy humanoids commonly live by ambushes, raids, and theft or commonly found serving as mercenaries in the ranks of orcish parties and evil clerics. Ogres stand an average 9 to 10 feet tall and usually weigh around 300 to 350 pounds. Their dead yellow or dull blackish-brown skin (with darker colored warty bumps) and repelling odor, that of curdled milk, make them a gruesome-looking, if not fierce, opponent.


Aggressive, tribal carnivores, Orcs live by the belief that expansion is the key to survival, ergo the many wars they rage against humans, elves, dwarves, and kin alike. Their appearance varies widely due to frequent crossbreeding with other species and captives. In general, they resemble primitive humans with gray-green skin covered by coarse hair with their stooped posture, low jutting forehead, and snout-like nose. They average about 5½ to 6 feet in size and often employ sniping and ambush tactics in combat. Stereotypically, it is rumored that orcs would rather appear vicious than victorious… dastardly creatures indeed!

Swamp Troll

Horrid carnivores, swamp trolls make their lairs around dense and murky bogwaters. However their frame appears thin and frail, they possess surprising strength in their long and ungainly arms. The troll's rubbery, moss green to putrid gray hide provides blends well with their natural habitat. Preying on all but the most powerful of creatures, swamp trolls know no fear and attack unceasingly with their sharp claws and jagged bite.