Welcome Newbies, to the Newbie Discussion section.

This is a place for newbie players to come and discuss problems they are having specifically, address any issues regarding the game not covered sufficiently in the help files, and any other newbie-helpful discussion (though please do NOT discuss details of quests, subclasses included, nor tell people how to play in this thread. Those topics will be promptly removed.)
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Welcome Newbies, to the Newbie Discussion section.

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This forum topic is designed to help with problems new players are having and address other issues specific to new players. Please keep this on topic and retain normal (ie: old player discussion/topics/complaining) to the Mortal Forums.

Newbies, feel free to point out absent help topics, different problems you are encountering, and ask for general advice. I would like to point out a few quick things:
The command "consider" is not terribly accurate for determining difficulty of an encounter. "Help areas" gives a fairly reasonable list of lower-level areas to explore.

Older players, feel free to give hints as to where a certain area is, under level 15-20 or so, but do not outright direct newbian players. Also, please note that any discussion of Subclass-Quests and how to accomplish them will be promptly removed.