Gameplay Strategy & Minute Wisdoms

This is a place for newbie players to come and discuss problems they are having specifically, address any issues regarding the game not covered sufficiently in the help files, and any other newbie-helpful discussion (though please do NOT discuss details of quests, subclasses included, nor tell people how to play in this thread. Those topics will be promptly removed.)
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Gameplay Strategy & Minute Wisdoms

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taken straight from the main webpage's newbie guide

Gameplay Strategy

While no one can fully suggest a style that works best for everyone, there are some things one can incorporate into their own that will possibly improve the overall experience.

First up is a 'trophy' feature. It keeps track of what mobs one has slain recently and how many. The number is a decimal value, so if one is assisting or is assisted (grouped) in your slayings, one recieves a partial credit for their efforts based upon how many in one's party. The numbers are displayed color coded as well with color varied depending on one's client.

Typically they show as yellow, yellow bold, red, red bold. When one's count exceeds a certain level, their XP for each kill begins to drop off. Thus, it pays to cycle one's trophy every so often by either moving on and exploring other areas within the game or, what has become known as "trophy cleaning", visiting lower level areas and quickly disposing of a variety of mobiles until one's trophy has been rotated.

Secondly, skills at FieryMUD are not trainable in the likes as one may find elsewhere. They advance only by usage and only a limited amount with each level. Thus, one needs to ensure they try and utilize all of their skills as they progress throughout the game, else one may find themselves overpowered by their inability to successfully perform certain actions. Skills such as riposte, dodge, spell knowledge, etc are autonomous... that is, the commands never need typing as they work automatically when in combat or when triggered by various events in the game.

Another feature of FieryMUD is the 'consider' function. This allows one to guage the strengths and weaknesses of a potential party against mobiles throughout the realm. Note: While the function its self measures mobile against a single PC performing the command, mobs within FieryMUD are geared to best groups of adventurers, thus if it says it is a perfect match... in reality, it would be a perfect match for a group of 3-5 player characters.

More to follow as suggested material arrives...

Minute Wisdoms
Currently, there are 99 mortal levels to FieryMUD. When one enters the game, they will find that they are fully equipped (well...ok, maybe not fully. However, one does have the bare essentials to survive a battle or three.) Finding someone to group with and getting rid of the sub-standard equipment is key to a good gaming experience.

FieryMUD has 12 individual races to choose from, each with advantaged and hindred in unique ways, as well as 4 main classes with approx. 20 different sub-classes. Each having an abundance of their own unique skills and/or spells.

Role-playing is encouraged (though not enforced) and FieryMUD offers a unique Racewar-only Pkill/psteal system with an emphasis on a "grouping effort", lending one to find areas as well mobiles in general, spawned in effort to best banded groups of adventurers, thus resulting in a dauntingly more powerful adversary for the soloist. Many a sorcerer has lost their life to the ignorance of this knowledge. Pray many more not make the same mistake.

Just as much, it almost goes without saying that until one is wee less the greenhorn, it would prove wise to stay near ones hometown. Various haunts nearby should prove to be more suited around the ill-equipped and inexperienced. This proves beneficial when one is suddenly reincarnated at the appropriate place of origin and must retrieve their belongings from their remains.

With the latter in mind, it would also be advisable to be cautious with engaging in melee of any nature while enjoying the comforts and safety of the townships throughout. The towns are heavily guarded, as well as patrolled vigorously and if one should be force into combat, know that guards (as well as all other mobiles) have a peculiarity in assisting ANY of the mindless mobiles one may be engaging. To this end your demise is nearly certain, so avoid such at every opportunity.
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