This is a place for newbie players to come and discuss problems they are having specifically, address any issues regarding the game not covered sufficiently in the help files, and any other newbie-helpful discussion (though please do NOT discuss details of quests, subclasses included, nor tell people how to play in this thread. Those topics will be promptly removed.)
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Just a FYI -- domain renewed for another 7 years. no reason to think we won't still be here well after that.
It will only shut-down if people stop playing

A few people had mentioned they would be willing to throw a few dollars to the running of Fiery....
Domain renewal was $148, and of course the ongoing server charges, which are all paid by me personally, which I've never asked or expected anyone else to cover.
I'm not going to chase and pester people for donations, it's strictly on the basis of you can afford to do it, and you want to do it.
SO -- If someone were so inclined, they could send a few bucks to using pay-pal.
if that works for you, THANKS, if not, that's OK too.
Log on Fiery!!
Connect NOW!!!
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