The Birth of the Keepers of the Future

A long time ago, before the interim wars, before the cataclysm that destroyed the world, there lived on old

Fiery a mage named Sata who had progressed in magic a long ways, and also in the ways of that world. He had learned many lessons and fought for the betterment of that world with many others and in many places, even once within the very keep of Lokari, he fought with the great warrior Cost and others in an effort to take possession of that evil place.

Shortly before the demise of old Fiery there came the young cleric, Jandark, to that world. On a mission of her own she declined all company and fought alone forming only a couple of friendships until the crash came and destroyed that world as we knew it.

After that came the period known to a few as the interim wars. When it started with the few who had survived the great cataclysm, their previous lives were as nothing, all knowledge and skills were lost, and the situation all but hopeless. A few, there were , raised by the Gods to procure equipment and teach spells and skills to those starting over, but it was difficult and did not work well. The world was in a constant state of flux, and then once more the world started over from the beginning. This time it seemed to work a little better and again some were raised by the Gods, to guide and teach the others. The world remained stable for a long time, remained so for the most part until the new beginning. the start of the New Fiery.

It was during this part of the interim wars that the young Jandark while progressing in her chosen profession as cleric in the area known as Sunken Castle, became aware of the mage Sata, fighting alone against impossible odds in that place. After much consideration, she overcame her shyness and offered to tank for him. Sata was proud of his ability to fight alone against these elite warriors of evil, but agreed that they could fight side by side and see how it worked out. Thus began a companionship in war that has lasted to this day. Together Jandark and Sata fought their way through sunken castle, frost valley, griffin isle, and were fighting their way through the barrows when the day of the new beginning came. On this day the residents of the realm found that the magic had changed. What had been intuitive was now hard to keep in the mind. Mages found that they had to write down their spells or risk not being able to use them. Though with this change it was also found that they could work new and wonderful magiks.

This was known as the beginning of the new Fiery and Jandark decided she must change her name and her profession to meet the needs of this brave new world, and took on the profession of paladin and the name of Cafi. Sata remained himself, though once again starting over with all knowledge and skills lost.

Cafi and Sata continued to fight against the evils that seemed to be winning the battle on Fiery and along the way they made new friends, and began to group more together with others, in order to better the odds against evil. Among these friends were Carvo and Waric, who with their talent for organization and their unique ability to work with Zzur the God of Chaos, created a clan of like minded people, mostly paladins, in order to direct their talents and better organize their fighting ability. Cafi became one of the original

circle of five in that clan, and Sata was recruited shortly thereafter. They had great success in their battles after that and the clan became well known and admired. Before long a young mage named Ecaplic was recruited also into the clan, and with their associates, the clan members swept clean much of the evil from the existing areas in Fiery. Even so, evil is ever persistant and over the years, some of the paladins were overcome with the immensity of the task they had set themselves and some were called to other worlds.

Among those called to other worlds, were the leaders of the clan, Waric and Carvo and also Cafi. Ecaplic and Sata tried desparately to make a go of it, but without the leaders, membership could not be increased, clan funds could not be spent for upkeep of buildings and guards, and without being able to replace members, the group could no longer plan battles, and train as a coherent group. Sata prevailed upon Cafi into returning to this world, and many pleas were sent to the leaders to return, but none have been answered, since Cafi's return.

Unable to do anything else, the three agreed to try to start a new clan. They felt many lessons had been learned from the old clan, and wanted to make some changes. Mages and Clerics can get old, but their spells do not weaken because their hands shake and their voices quaver. However Paladins and warriors are bound eventually to lose their skills and strength as they get old. Cafi is 71 now and human. How much longer can she fight effectively. It was agreed that Elron would take her place as founder in the new clan as she is priest and fights with prayers and spells rather than weapons. Also It was agreed that a younger membership was needed, especially warriors, so that enthusiasm and effectiveness for the task ahead would be maintained longer and better.

Sata recalled a young warrior that he had helped get from Ickle to Mielikki when he was first pledged to a guild. Zagur the barbarian showed herself over time to rise in power very quickly and went about that business with little ado and no fuss. Ecaplic met young Zagur at the fountain one day and finding common ground between, became fast friends and went forth often from that day to do battle together and developed a mutual respect and admiration for one another. Ecaplic asked Zagur to join in the founding of the new clan, and Zagur agreed that she would like to do that.

Then Ecaplic, knowing that the circle was not yet complete, turned his attention to young Dremur, who also had been noted to rise in power quickly and with little ado. Impressed with his calmness a nd bravery, but not quite sure yet, Ecaplic travelled a while with young Dremur, and again found common ground with the warrior and felt that this was a good choice for the circle. Ecaplic asked Dremur to join in the founding of the clan and Dremur agreed that it would be a good thing, and he would gladly do that.

With the circle of five drawn close together in a meeting on Fiery Island, they agreed on a charter, and the basic plans for a clan house. All agreed that the clan house should be set up close to Mielikki, so as to be close to the inn and their guilds.