Ickle Ickle The town of Ickle <br> Level: Town <br> Align: Good/Neutral Ickle Aivery <br> Level: 3-8 <br>Align: Good/Neutral Sirestis Folly Road <br> Level: 4-8 <br> Align: Neutral The Ice Warriors Compound <br> Level: 1-5 <br> Align: Good/Neutral Phoenix Feather Hot Springs <br> Level: 55-60 <br> Align: Good/Neutral Trail to Mt. FrostBite <br> Level: 25-30 <br> Align: Neutral Technitzitlan<br> Level 45-55<br>Align: Good/Neutral Ice Tunnel<br> Level: NA<br> Align NA The Ice Cult<br>Level: 55-70<br> Align Neutral/Evil Frost Valley<br>Level: 55-70<br> Align Neutral/Evil