Rules & Hints

Rules of FieryMud

Jail Cell Note this statement. It is an overriding statement of policy about Fiery's Laws and Rules. Just because you can do something that will let you get around the spirit of the rules, that does NOT make it a legal action! Breaking the rules in spirit is the same as breaking the rules period. Both will be met with swift repercussions.

FieryMud's Laws of Gameplay:

  1. No player killing or player stealing is allowed at this time. Assisting players in their demise will get you frozen and banned.
  2. Level 5 and below characters are off-limits at all times! They cannot be attacked by other players until they are a bit more capable of defending themselves. After that, its up to the player to be responsible for him/herself.
  3. Don't mess with the shopkeepers. Don't mess with the fountains. Such people/objects are life and death to new players. Messing with them is considered the same as messing with level 1 players. It WILL get you flagged. It may bring down even more serious repercussions.
  4. Players should settle their own disputes. Talking to a god should be a last resort as gods must abide by very strict non-interference policies on this mud.
  5. This is a game and it is meant to be a fair game. Exploiting bugs to build yourself an advantage is considered cheating here. Players should report all bugs as soon as they are discovered. Using a bug for personal gain is cheating and will be dealt with. Using a bug to harm other players is a vile crime and will be dealt with by the gods in a very harsh fashion.
  6. You may NEVER have more than 5 characters on at a time… EVER! Having more than 5 characters rented at a time is permitted. You are just not permitted to have more then two playing at once. Storage characters are not permitted either; they take up valuable space in the file system, slowing down file access for REAL players.
  7. While it is certainly true that players are expected to fight their own battles, this does not permit harassment of any sort. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated, whether it be sexual or not. Immortality does not give one immunity to this rule either. People who harass other players will be dealt with swiftly and firmly.
  8. No sharing of characters. No characters can be given away.
  9. No kill stealing. When something is attacked now it will be known instantly if it is already wounded. If it is wounded in any way shape or form, shout and ask if you can kill it. If you get no response in a minute or so, wax it. If someone lays claim to it then you must wait for them to die, or for the mobile to fully heal. If you do not and rudely take other players kills, your punishment will be a half-leveling of everyone in your party. All of this is logged so verifying offenders will be easy.
These laws are subject to change at any time without warning especially as we're adding more and more features to the game or as new situations arise. If you have a problem with excess killing, talk to a god. Like these laws? Hate them? Leave suggestions.