Rules & Hints

Area Submissions

So, think you have what it takes to be a builder do you?   Generally here at FieryMUD we like for our builders to have at least one ** (max level) character.   That way, we're fairly sure they know a bit about the realm as far as gameplay, theme of areas, layout, etc.

However, not all great builders need have gaming knowledge to know how to put words to print and form coherent, descriptively intriguing and fluid areas.

With that in mind, you are welcome and encouranged to submit an Area Proposal following the guidelines we have set forth for you. A text file example proposal can be found here.

Submission Guideline

Name of Area:
Not a very key thing at all, but its nice to have and idea of what you have in mind as far as the area goes and it helps make a reference point in any discussion aside from refering to it as submission #xxxxxx or soandso's area proposal.

Area Premise or "Theme":
This one is REALLY important as it shows not only that you have more than just an idea for a random area but that you have a story to tell. And honestly that's what any good area should do… and do it well we hope. Nothing too verbose, just a few paragraphs letting us know what the ultimate goal or history behind the area is.

List of Mobiles:
Again, not greatly key but good to have because it shows you know what you're going to stock your area with aside from random mobs. It's also good for us to have that way we know you aren't planning on mixing something whacky like bunny rabbits with lich lords or pit fiends. No need to give stats or anything because those are subject to the level range and generally autoset by the code based on that same variable.

List of Objects
We also like to have this on had so that we don't end up with 2 million daggers of unholy wielding scattered across the mud. It also helps us get an idea of your use in flavor or "fluff" (props) items that set the stage, so to speak.

Sample Room Description
These are very key as they show us that you actually DO know how to form coherent and fluid statements. We're also able to gleen a bit of information about your writing style as well as your use of grammer and punctuation.

Sample Mobile Description
Again, just gives us an idea that you know what you're doing and going to do it well.

Sample Object Description
Same as the other two.

Sample Quest Outline
Must have, no doubt about it. One of the things that makes Fiery thrive is the quest system and each area MUST have at least one in area quest. First time around, I don't require anything fancy but I do ask that it be at least somewhat involving or interesting (no go fetch me whatever just for GP type quests).

The first time builder is restricted to 50 rooms. Show us you absolutely need more and can do an excelent job and we can talk shop, however the first 50 better look exceptional. We also like for first time builders to stick to a 10-25 level range as far as the area goes. Everyone wants to write the mega areas though after many years and many builders we think it's fair to say that most beginning builders rarely reach that goal straight out of the gate.

Once you have all this ready to roll out, email it to gods1_AT_fierymud_DOT_org.