How to connect to fiery MUD?

Mudlet Client
There are lots of ways-- the best and easiest way is to use Mudlet client. Mudlet supports Mapping, triggers, aliases, and built in integration, which gives health bars, and communication windows. It runs on both windows and linux platforms.
Download NOW
The connection is already pre-built for Fiery MUD!

Other clients, such as Zmud, Cmud, wintin are available, Just make sure you are using the non-secure telnet protocol and use the following server connection info:
port : 4000

If you just want extrenely basic connection to fiery, to see whtat it's all about, there are 2 basic options:
Putty -- Download NOW
enter server, select telnet protocol, and port 4000.

Windows Telnet
Yes it's still available, Microsoft just makes you install it now. Fair warning-- it is the least recommended option. It's horrible at formatting ASCII text, and by default local echo is off (you can't see what you are typing), but if it's what you want, here it is. To install,
Open a command prompt (as administrator) and run the following command:
dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient

OR From windows control panel:
Go to Control Panel / Programs / Turn Windows Features on or off -- select the checkbox next to TELNET Client
Once one of the above steps is completed, from a command prompt, Enter:
telnet 4000