Evil Player Races of FieryMud


Appearing to be emaciated, nasty-looking dwarves, the duergar's complexion and hair range from medium to dark gray. Their preferred drab clothing, designed to blend into their subterranean environment, and dull-colored jewelry completes the ensemble. Years of underground dwelling have left them somewhat hindered by the blinding rays of the sun, though unaffected by minimal or normal lighting.


Big, dumb, and ugly. These greedy humanoids commonly live by ambushes, raids, and theft or commonly found serving as mercenaries in the ranks of orcish parties and evil clerics. Ogres stand an average 9 to 10 feet tall and usually weigh around 300 to 350 pounds. Their dead yellow or dull blackish-brown skin (with darker colored warty bumps) and repelling odor, that of curdled milk, make them a gruesome-looking, if not fierce, opponent.


Aggressive, tribal carnivores, Orcs live by the belief that expansion is the key to survival, ergo the many wars they rage against humans, elves, dwarves, and kin alike. Their appearance varies widely due to frequent crossbreeding with other species and captives. In general, they resemble primitive humans with gray-green skin covered by coarse hair with their stooped posture, low jutting forehead, and snout-like nose. They average about 5½ to 6 feet in size and often employ sniping and ambush tactics in combat. Stereotypically, it is rumored that orcs would rather appear vicious than victorious… dastardly creatures indeed!

Swamp Troll

Horrid carnivores, swamp trolls make their lairs around dense and murky bogwaters. However their frame appears thin and frail, they possess surprising strength in their long and ungainly arms. The troll's rubbery, moss green to putrid gray hide provides blends well with their natural habitat. Preying on all but the most powerful of creatures, swamp trolls know no fear and attack unceasingly with their sharp claws and jagged bite.