Rules & Hints

The Premise of FieryMUD

Amid the world of Ethilien, on the eastern continent of Caelia, lies the classical power struggle of good and evil: righteous vs demonic. Having long been the testing ground of many a god, Ethilien's history stretches back many millenia, to when there were but seven. Of these primal gods, many of whose names are now forgotten, the All-Father was Metamorpho. He created Ethilien and populated it with her inhabitants.

Some thousand years ago, chaos erupted as the the once-proud city of Templace was plunged into war. Now only rubble remains of what once was. Legend has it that one of the gods tore open the fabric of the planes and allowed demons to invade, and that, moreoever, he killed the mortal priest of his brother-god. Infuriated, Metamorpho stepped in and set matters aright—the infamous god was destroyed and the priest's body reclaimed. The Kaazian priest's brother, a sorceror, and his sister, a warrior, scattered to their own destinations after the war… fading from record. Templace was destroyed, and the anti-paladins created in the battle retreated to other cities, most notably Anduin. However, the fell dragon Sagece is said to have remained.

After the disappearance of the Kaaz clan, people were surprised to discover new gods roaming the land. These gods must have been created in the war, for they had no memory for anything preceding it. There were now dozens, where before there were only seven. Their powers were, of course, diminished, and there were only a few of note. Mortals worshipped these gods, each of whom claimed his or her own sphere of influence, and the land slowly healed. Under cover of darkness, necromancers and foul anti-paladins practiced their evil arts and hid from the sight of honest folk, who believed they were free of such darkness.

Now upheaval has arisen once again in the land. The new gods have been supplanted once again—perhaps were only allowed to exist while the older gods healed. New pantheons have made themselves known, and word has reached Caelia of the massive movement of orcs to the south, and the flight of elves to Westernel to the west—both parts of the world being only words to the men of Caelia. Occasional whispers of the Kaaz clan's movements bring hope to the good folk of the world—perhaps they can teach them such skills as they will need in the coming racewars.

Who is FieryMUD?

The players make FieryMUD what is has become today, however it was originally concept initiated, hosted, coded and implemented by Chris Camacho as this C coding project utilizing the Copper Gamma base code that just went awry. He had no idea some psychos would actually like it and play there all the time. As a result of his efforts in the face of an 'all frills or bust' mudding community he quietly kept running one of the oldest Diku muds on the internet. It has only taken massive hardware failure to allow Scott Davis a crack at vaguely more modern code to allow FieryMUD interim possession of a different and challanging player interface.

The Goal of FieryMUD

The original vision of FieryMUD was to create a challanging MUD for advanced players. This new reborne Fiery is a hope to bring back the goals of the past by inflicting certain death on unsuspecting players. FieryMUD will continue to grow and change through the coming years and those players who seek challenge and possess imagination will come in search of what the 3D world fails to offer them.